Máquinas Medianeira has been recognized in the market since the 1980’s for developing and presenting technological solutions in the packaging industry. It started its activities by designing and manufacturing Hot-Stamping Daters to print date, fabrication, validity, batch and other codes on the most diverse packaging. In the 1990s it expanded its segment to the Weight Control area, acting in several sectors such as food, hygiene, cleaning, metallurgy, furniture, and others. Our products are known and currently acquired in the domestic and foreign markets.

Our structure has over 1000 m² of built area to meet the demands of fabrication, assembly and equipment testing. Internally we machine all the mechanical parts that we use in our products, as well as make all electronic parts of the Checkweighers, from the electrical design to the fabrication of printed circuit boards.

Our mission is:

“Meet and confirm customers’ expectations in the creation, development and fabrication of high-precision equipment in the weighing, control and encoding areas”.